Sunday, 18 March 2012

So many projects and NEWS from Malawi. I'm coming back!!!

There is not going to be a last post. There are many wonderful things happening at the project, and I am sure you want to know about them. And I am coming back to the Warm Heart of Africa in May !!!! So the Malawian Experience continues...

The first update is from the money fundraised at Christmas. I raised 350 pounds between UK and Spain. Wondering how to best use the money, doing some research and talking to Joshua, the coordinator, we decided to start a MICRO-LOAN BUSINESS FOR WOMEN and has been a complete success. The name for this project is " Women PrĂ©stamo (loan in Spanish) Business". Joshua's mother in law, who has experience in business, is training the women for free. After the training they give a loan of 70 pounds approx. to each of them to start their own business. They have started a few business already:
  • 1 bread making
  • 2 selling vegetables
  • 1 selling fish 
  • 1 chicken breeding
I a few weeks time 4 of the women have been able to pay back the money, isn't amazing? So they can lend the money to more women!

More about the fundraising, Vicky, a friend of mine, is donating  very good money to start a SEXUAL EDUCATION PROGRAM, birth control, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc. They really need this program running; AIDs is unfortunately raising everyday what means young people dying and higher number of orphans, living in extreme conditions.

Talking about the orphans, I have the best news ever! Their living conditions are going to improve as they would never imagine. The company I work for is going to BUILD AN ORPHANAGE FOR MORE THAN 300 CHILDREN. I am working in the project and I am coming back with one of the directors to discuss about the project with Joshua. I am so happy for them!! I remember orphan´s stories were the saddest ones as you may know if have read previous posts.

Apart from the orphanage, my company want to build a VOCACIONAL EDUCATION SCHOOL to help the children to get a job once they finish their secondary education. Subjects will be carpintery, farming, etc.

The company want to CONTRIBUTE toward the WOMEN PRESTAMO BUSINESS as well. Unbelievable!

There are more marvelous things going on in Domasi. Iryna Muha, another friend of mine is helping with the graphic desing and EDITING OF THE NEWSLETTER. Tikondwe has just started to publicize it with the information of the projects going on and other useful information as voluntereering opportunities. (If you would like to receive the newsletter, leave a comment with your email and I will forward it to you).

I have also sent 3 PARCELS with shoes, clothes and toys with the stuff I collected at Christmas.

All I can say is A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone making this possible. This is much more than anyone could ever dream and make me so happy for them. Definitely we are making the diffrence all together. The life of the children from Domasi is being transformed already. We are giving them a better future; a future of hope and opportunities. Keep it up!

All this updates are the ones coming from my side but there are many other projects going on in Domasi thanks to Tikondwe Youth Organisation and the hard job of Joshua, Emma and all the volunteers staying at the project. (If you want to now about the other projects ask for the newsletter).


Love & Solidarity with Malawi.


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