Friday, 23 November 2012

Malawi projects update

First of all I would like to apologise for taking me so long to update the blog, but I am coming back with very good news! :)

As you may know if you have read the previous post Totemic Ltd., the company I work for, is fully funding the construction of a new orphanage in Domasi and the construction of a maize mill and I am extremely blessed to be working in the project!. The building process began in May 2012 and six months on we are seeing an astonishing progress!. Completion of the buildings is scheduled for next month and in January we will start with the fixture and fittings.
The orphanage
It will consist in 5 blocks:
  • 3 hostel blocks (for 100 orphans each)
  • 1 dining and kitchen block
  • 1 school block
I am very proud to announce that the construction of all blocks has started already and some of them are just near to completion. This is the progress for each of the blocks illustrated with photos:

Orphanage view
Hostel 1:
It is just remaining the carpentry work, installation of a septic tank and painting of the buildings.

Inside corridor
Hostel 2:
Toilets are yet to be built, plastering of the rooms has started, electric and plumbing installation has been done already.
Hostel 3:
It's on plastering phase and it is ready to start roofing, electric installation has started. Also on this hostel there will be a septic tank.


Kitchen and dining area:
Building work is almost finished with the drainage system and floor remaining, painting work has also started and the electrical installation is done.

School block:
Construction is also underway. This block will also have its own septic tank.

The micro-credit project

This is one of the best performing projects and women are doing very well being able to repaid their loans really quick. So far more than 40 women have benefited from this program allowing them to start small business to support their families and empower the role of women in the community. Some of the business are: selling fish, vegetables, bread making, chicken breeding, etc. Women are charged 2% interest.

My Women Préstamo Business, WPB. So proud of them!!!

The Maize Mill
The maize mill also donated by Totemic is complete and just awaiting for the electricity connection to start operating. It will employ two members of staff and will mean an income for the project. We estimate that it will be used for at least 1,000 families in the local area.
At the moment women and children have to walk over 4 miles (6.4km) with a 50kg bag of maize on their heads just to reach the nearest maize mill. As you know from previous posts maize is the staple food in Malawi and they eat maize porridge twice a day 7 days a week.

Tikondwe maize mill

Example of an existing maize mill

Sending parcels
As part of the endless Totemic support we are sending regular parcels with employees' donations with clothes and toys for the orphans that we are keeping in Malawi to use them once we open the orphanage.
Parcels stored in Malawi. Huge thank you!!
Totemic has sent one employee to volunteer to the project and we hope we can open new volunteer opportunities for Totemic employees next year.
Coming back to Malawi

As last update from Malawi there is the possibility that I will move to Malawi next February to work 'in situ' during the last phase of the project until the orphanage opening at least... which is estimated at by May-June 2013. I can't wait to come back to the Warm Heart of Africa to see with my own eyes the orphanage progress and to see again my Malawian family and all my beloved kids who make you forget about any problem you may have just with their smile!!
With my sweet Shakira :)

Josh White, a previous volunteer at the project, is setting a website for Tikondwe Youth Organisation. It is still under construction but you can see some pictures, the ongoing projects and the contact information in case you want to know more about the organisation, projects, how to volunteer, how to donate...
Balloon and nutella sandwich for every one on my last day at the school in my last visit in May

You can donate now to any project you like and any amount you like starting just from £1!
(You don't need to have a paypal account and it takes just a minute)

Thank you- Gracias- Zikomo

Love & Solidarity with Malawi